Keith Haring Gallery Photographs

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This CD includes color slide images taken by Rochelle Farber-Williams, my late sister during her visits to a number of Keith Haring shows displaying his works in New York City during the period 1983 to 1987. The dates shown on each image represent the date imprinted on the slide mount when each roll was developed following a show. In some cases, the slides taken were developed within days of a show [ie: Into 84 opening in late Dec. 83]. In other cases, some period of time appears to have passed after a show. So the show was held sometime earlier than the date noted on the image, but there is no way to know the date of the show. The greatest number of images included [22 of 43 total] were taken during December 1983 having been taken at the opening of the Into 84 Haring Exhibit where my sister met Keith Haring and obtained his signature on a number of the Into 84 Exhibit promotional posters. The Into 84 show ran from Dec. 3, 1983 to Jan. 7, 1984. Haring is seen standing in front of a large work of Bill T. Jones which was displayed at the Into 84 show. Eight slide images are marked March 83 and were taken at the Fun Gallery Exhibit held from Feb. 3 to Feb. 27, 1983. The balance of 13 images on this CD were taken at a number of other exhibits other than the Fun Gallery, and Into 84 show.

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All slide images are copyrighted (2003) by Stewart Farber and are for the personal use of the person receiving the photo CD after purchasing a lithograph or poster related to one or more Haring exhibits posted to eBay. Distribution, sale, or reproduction of any or all of the images on this CD ROM is expressly prohibited by any means whether print or electronic without written permission of Stewart Farber.

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